April 16th is National Health Care Decisions Day

While many of us are focused on the better-known deadline approaching (Tax Day), as legally competent adults it is important for us to also plan for making future health care decisions.

Did you know in Wisconsin, your next of kin does not have legal authority to make health care decisions for you in the event you are unable to communicate your wishes for yourself? Many individuals learn this when it is too late and there is already a crisis with a loved one. Those family members are forced into court to be appointed as legal guardian for the incapacitated individual. This problem can easily be alleviated with one simple solution, the preparation and execution of a Health Care Power of Attorney form. A Health Care Power of Attorney form can be obtained from a number of sources: your attorney, your physician, or online resources. However, when going to an online resource for a Health Care Power of Attorney a couple of things Wisconsin residents should know about.

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